Teenage Bullying Resources

Advice For Teenagers – This document provides simple and useful information and advice for teenagers and parents – Download it today from Kidscape.org.uk

Advice from the US – the US leads the way in most areas and unfortunately teenage bullying is rife too, here this report focuses on how to approach your school about the issues.

The Anti-bullying alliance is a very indepth resource which covers the entire gambit of possible bullying tactics.  The link here relates to Sexual Bullying, a topic many sites will not cover.

Tring Anti Bullying is an initiative of Tring Martial Arts, nobody should be victimised or bullied, but if you’ve ever encountered this in your life, Martial Arts might present an opportunity to re-build your confidence by learning how to defend yourself and your family.  Christopher Allen, Chief Instructor of Tring Martial Arts was bullied extensively throughout his pre-teen years, “martial arts has and continues to improve my life and interactions with my friends and loved-ones, I would have been a different person without it”, comments Chris.  Call Tring Martial Arts on 0845 094 8805 for more information.