You’ll never meet a shy black belt

Written by Christopher Allen

“You will never meet a shy black belt”, this statement for me sums up the mentality and character of a person who has trained hard and made many sacrifices in their pursuit of the legendary black belt.  The black belt is really only a length of cotton, but the significance of the belt for both the wearers and others who encounter them is amazing.  Martial Artists who have trained with me at Tring Martial Arts, have spent many years developing both their fitness and skill, and when you devote your life to a particular pursuit the confidence in your own abilities increases, and if you can endure 100 rounds of kickboxing or a 4 – 5 hour grading (for 1st Dan Black Belt) then you will be outwardly confident and this will radiate to potential bullies.

Bullies tend to pick on people they recognise as “victims” or those they think they can victimise.  Sadly, like a Hyena in the wild, they prey upon the weak and vulnerable.

If you or your child has little or no confidence, is shy or you feel he needs to “toughen up”, then I thoroughly recommend that you enrol them with a professional martial arts club, look for one that’s emphasis is on both the physical and mental conditioning aspects of the martial arts.  This way they will learn about respect, discipline and have an understanding of when and more importantly when not to use their skills.

Tring Martial Arts offers our own life skills programme which ties into our training and syllabus for children aged 6 – 10 years.  We don’t believe that martial arts should be taught to children younger than this because they need to have a sense of responsibility and some common sense.

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