Posted by Christopher Allen 

Sadly there are often times when our children lack sufficient positive role models in and outside of school. This leaves the door wide open for influences that may not be compatible with the views and values you hold dear or want to pass on to your kids.

It doesn’t have to be this way! There is a solution to keeping your child “on track” and giving him/her the skills needed to succeed in today’s world…

Secret Revealed…


Martial Arts, yes Martial Arts, but surely you knew I was going to say that didn’t you?  Well, let me explain myself.  Tring Martial Arts Kickbox Kids class is a non-contact martial art class designed for children aged 6 – 10 years.  Through the proper ethos of respect and discipline each class is led by a positive role model instructor and it can be the perfect method for keeping children on the straight and narrow. The focus lies on life skills within a martial arts context. This means that children learn martial arts techniques as a means to an end and not as an end in itself.

Our instructors do not promote or glorify any form of violence, but rather instil a strict code of conduct that will help a young person to recognise him or herself as a responsible and valued member of society.

Kids learn at a pace suitable for each individual. The emphasis is on self-discipline, attaining goals, combined with fun with fitness. The kids are looked after by multiple experienced instructors and helping parents. All of our instructors are police (CRB) checked, fully insured and qualified first aiders.

Our objective is to promote positive personal development in your children. Increasing their confidence, fitness, discipline, awareness and attention. Best of all it’s fun. Your child will also get a basis for practical self defence.

Our Kickbox Kids classes will help your young ones to instil a new kind of enthusiasm in engaging with themselves and others in a positive and constructive way. But don’t just take our word for it, try the classes for free and see the positive impact only a few classes will have.

You’ll see your child quickly acquire the life-enhancing benefits of our programme…



Weight loss (if required)

Increased mobility and alertness

Enhanced coordination

Increased self-esteem

Self Discipline

Learning respect

Channeling Aggression


Goal Setting


Great Attitude

Kickbox Kids is a safe, non contact kickboxing class designed to build fitness, confidence, discipline and courage. We will also teach your child the traditional martial arts values such as loyalty, honesty, respect and humility