More on Cyberbulling…

Recently I was a victim of cyberbullying – yeah crazy I know but I received a malicious email via my website where this person called into question my abilities and suggested we meet up for a fight, obviously I have no intention of meeting up with “Mr Softy” the name he put on his email, but it made me wonder just how many people suffer from this type of bullying which is really abuse?

According to the BBC ( The charity Beatbullying’s study for Safer Internet Day spoke to 4,605 young people aged 11-16 across the UK.

28% said they’d been bullied over the internet or a mobile phone.

One in 13 said they had been threatened repeatedly – suggesting that as many as 350,000 secondary school pupils have experienced constant cyberbullying.

Victims found the cyberbullying left them wanting to avoid school, suffering from lower confidence, and living in fear of their safety.

But it’s not just children who are victims of cyberbullying – one in ten teachers say they’ve been harassed too. Beatbullying is calling for internet and mobile companies to do more to support children and young people.

Have you been bullied online?

The best thing to do if you’re being bullied, whether online or not, is to tell someone, report it to your parents or if you are a parent then consider contacting the Police, no one should have to suffer from this idiocy.