People are sending me nasty texts….

If you are receiving nasty or threatening texts or calls on your mobile, tell an adult like a parent or teacher. They can help you put a stop to this. If it doesn’t stop you need to tell the police.

All UK mobile companies are used to dealing with nuisance calls and will have people you can call who can help you deal with this. In the meantime:

  • •Don’t reply to any nasty messages you receive.
  • Keep the messages that you have been sent so you can show someone.
  • Don’t answer any calls that are from a withheld number, or from a number 
    you don’t know.
  • Change your mobile number and only give your new number out to close friends.
  • If the problem is serious, tell the police or you can call us and we can help.

Mobile phone operators can’t bar a particular number from contacting another phone, but you can do this on some handsets. Check your phone’s user guide to see if yours can. They can only take action about the bully’s account such as blocking it, if the police are involved. Find out more about being bullied through your mobile.

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