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The Benefits of Martial Arts for Children.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

With a bloodcurdling cry, your 6-year-old leaps into the air with a jumping front kick, raising your hair and blood pressure simultaneously. Before you panic and climb the walls, why not try channeling that energy into a martial arts class at Tring Martial Arts Academy.

Activities like Kickboxing, and Krav Maga are a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus. Some parents may think they also promote violence, but that’s a myth, according to experts. Martial arts actually help teach self-discipline and socialization skills. In fact, many parents whose children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) report great success with these programs because self-control and concentration are exactly the skills underdeveloped in ADHD kids

A typical forty five minute long class begins and ends with a bow to the sensei.  After a warm-up, students practice the art’s particular skills, which may include kicks, punches, and blocks. Each requires concentration and strict attention.

Their progress is marked by a belt system, which takes the beginner from a white belt through a variety of colours until black. Testing for each new level, generally every three months, is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals.

But, say experts, it’s the respect kids learn, whether from bowing or standing still and waiting for the next command, that can be the most important benefit: It often carries over into school, helping to improve behavior and even grades, according to recent research.

Written by Christopher Allen, Chief Instructor at TringMartialArtsAcademy.


Tring Martial Arts Academy. The number one way to combat bullying.

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

As parents, we do everything we can to protect our children from harm and to provide them with the skills they need to be healthy, successful adults. The problem is we are not with them all the time. What our children do at school is sometimes a mystery to us. Are they polite to their teachers? Do they participate in class? Are they bullying other kids? Are they being bullied? There is something you can do to help get them on track to be successful in school and to avoid the bully-trap – even when you’re not around: Enrol them in their first martial arts class at Tring Martial Arts Academy.

One of the biggest misconceptions about enrolling children and teenagers in martial arts is that the children become aggressive and, therefore, a likely bully. The fact is, however, that martial arts do just the opposite. Bullies often have sense of superiority over others and their environments and lack impulse control. Often time, bullies don’t know how to manage their anger so they take it out on people they deem weaker than themselves. Many times, bullies are being, or have been, bullied at some point in their lives as well. Tring Martial arts can help solve these problems.

Martial arts can also help kids who are being bullied. Bullies thrive on attacking (physically or emotionally) people that they see as weak. Children who are bullied often have (generally as a result of the bullying) low confidence levels, inability to concentrate on school work, lack of focus and high stress levels which make them look even weaker. Tring Martial arts can help solve these problems too.

The many benefits of martial arts for children are a great way to combat bullying, but as you read on, you’ll see that the benefits extend way past bullying and will help your children succeed in other areas of their lives as well:

Concentration and Focus.

Training in martial arts is not a mindless activity. It requires complete concentration and focus at all times during training. The best part about this needed concentration, however, is that it carries over into all parts of your children’s lives. You’ll notice (and your children’s teachers will probably also notice) that they will be able to focus more on their school work and they might even have more successful grades.

Confidence and Control

Martial arts will help your children get in tune with their minds and bodies. This will help kids better understand themselves, their actions and their options. They know that they don’t need to lose their temper to handle stressful situations and they’ll also know that they have the ability to physically defend themselves if needed. All of this knowledge will increase their confidence and over all demeanour, making them appear (and be) stronger individuals and less likely to be a victim of a bully. It will also help prevent them from bullying others because they will be more aware of themselves and those around them.

Stress Reduction.

You probably already know that physical exercise is a great stress reliever for you. Do you also know that it works for your children as well? Any type of exercise such as jogging or playing sports can relieve the physical stress that your children feel from daily life – and it may be more than you’d expect. Studying martial arts goes one step further, however. It will also help your children relieve their emotional stress because martial arts require them to concentrate their training, not dwell on their problems.


If you send your children to the right school, their martial arts instructors will both command and deserve respect from all of their students. They will also be able to instil in your children that all people deserve respect, especially adults.

Tring Martial Arts Academyanti bullyingHelping to keep our children and community safe.

Why do people bully others..

Friday, March 22nd, 2013


Written by Joseph Maydom, Ashlyns School (Work Experience at Tring Martial Arts Academy)

People bully other people for a number of reasons, It varies from case to case and it’s often personal and complicated but common reasons include:

  • ·         Family problems.
  • ·         They are being bullied themselves and are taking out their stress on other people as a result.
  • ·         Jealousy.
  • ·         They have been spoilt and are used to getting their own way on every subject.
  • ·         They feel lonely.
  • ·         They feel unimportant and bullying makes them feel powerful.
  • ·         They think that if they suffer something every one else should be made to suffer as well.

However sometimes the reasons why people bully other people are a lot more menacing:

·      The bully may be in incredibly cruel and may enjoy watching the suffering of others.

·      Sometimes it is because the bully is racist towards a certain group of people, this is one of the reasons that (very rarely and in extreme circumstances) drives people to extreme views and beliefs.

·      Some bullies are discriminatory towards disabled people because they are cowards and view those with physical and mental disabilities as easy targets.

·      Some bullies don’t care about anybody except themselves.

If you would like to talk to someone if you being bullied or if you are a bully and want to stop then call Child line on 0800 1111

Tring Martial Arts – Keeping our kids safe – 01442 768057

I find myself bullying others, how do I stop?

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

There are many reasons why people find themselves Bullying others, the fact that you are reading this is the first step to acknowledging that you are doing so, and whilst it may take a long time for you to turn your life around a good starting point could be the list below.  As a martial arts instructor I work with so many children and adults who are victims of bullying, so please make the change today!

Admit to yourself that you are a bully
The first step in stopping bullying is admitting that what you are doing is hurting another person. When you know that, you can figure out how to stop.

Say sorry to the people you are bullying
It takes a great deal of courage to admit what you are doing is wrong, and apologise sincerely.

Think about what is making you bully someone
Is there something happening in your life which is making you upset, frustrated or angry?

Stop yourself from sending an abusive message
Sending a message, writing a post, a tweet, an email or a text which is designed to hurt someone else is bullying. Even if you’ve written the message out, you can delete it.

Stop yourself from sharing or commenting on an abusive post or message
Even a comment like LOL or a smiley face on an abusive post can make the other person feel much worse, like they’re being ganged up on.

Find a new way to gain people’s respect
Find a way to gain people’s genuine respect. This could be as simple as resolving to answer more questions in lessons. You could practise your favourite sport and become fitter or work on a talent, like singing, dance or drawing.

Speak to ChildLine
You might worry that no-one will help you if you admit to bullying. We won’t judge you or put you down – ChildLine are here to listen to you, no matter what your worry is.

Tring Martial Arts Academy– Keeping our kids safe

People are sending me nasty texts….

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

If you are receiving nasty or threatening texts or calls on your mobile, tell an adult like a parent or teacher. They can help you put a stop to this. If it doesn’t stop you need to tell the police.

All UK mobile companies are used to dealing with nuisance calls and will have people you can call who can help you deal with this. In the meantime:

  • •Don’t reply to any nasty messages you receive.
  • Keep the messages that you have been sent so you can show someone.
  • Don’t answer any calls that are from a withheld number, or from a number 
    you don’t know.
  • Change your mobile number and only give your new number out to close friends.
  • If the problem is serious, tell the police or you can call us and we can help.

Mobile phone operators can’t bar a particular number from contacting another phone, but you can do this on some handsets. Check your phone’s user guide to see if yours can. They can only take action about the bully’s account such as blocking it, if the police are involved. Find out more about being bullied through your mobile.

Tring Martial Arts Academy – Keeping our Kids safe!

What is Sexting?

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

‘Sexting’ is when someone sends or is sent sexually explicit pictures or videos on their mobile phone. You might be encouraged to take pictures of yourself naked or film yourself doing things that you may not be happy about and send them to people. There may also be pressure on you to look at explicit messages that people have been sent, and to encourage other people to get involved.

It’s important to only do what you feel comfortable with. Remember that once you have sent a picture or video to someone else or put it up online, you have no control about where it will go and who will see it. Before sending anything, take a moment to think how you would feel if it ended up on YouTube or on Facebook. If you wouldn’t want anyone else to see it, don’t send it.

If you are worried about anything to do with sexting or being bullied anywhere, you can talk to ChildLine on 0800 1111. Get information and advice about sexting

Tring Martial Arts Academy – Keeping our kids safe

Dear Santa, please can I have a world without bullies?!

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Christmas is an awful time for the vulnerable and the risks of bullying is very high.  What drives the bullies to pick on our kids, maybe its the amount of presents one receives, the perceived value or even jealousy.  So lets all try to remember that Christmas is meant to be a happy time for everyone and lets to encourage our kids not to judge others and likewise not to listen to negative or abusive comments from their friends.

Merry Christmas from Tring Anti Bullying and Tring Martial Arts.

Obesity in children

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

posted by James Laver, Work Experience 2012.

Many children nowadays are self-conscious of how they look. With the media constantly hypnotising us into looking great, many children often feel that they are ugly, to fat, or to thin. This has a major effect on a child’s life, and can lead to mild depression, paranoia and eating disorders. Two of the most common are anorexia and bulimia, diseases which cause people to loose huge amount of weight. These are considered to be highly dangerous diseases, and in some cases life threatening. Why is it then that obesity is often overlooked, and not believed to be dangerous or have great effect on a child’s life?

Here are some facts and figures from a website called WitWeightLoss, which aims to make people more aware of the problem:

1.     Obesity is the number one health problem in the world, yet is constantly being overlooked.

2.     Obesity can lead to high cholesterol, heart attacks and low insulin production.

3.     30% of children ages 2-12 in 2010 were overweight or obese.

The above figures show how big an issue obesity is becoming. The main ways of preventing this problem are:

         Regular exercise, at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise per day.

         Reducing the amount of sugars eaten.

         Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in the child’s diet.

         It is said that a child or teenager aged 5-18 should do approximately 60 minutes of exercise per day, this can be spread out throughout the day, and includes vigorous sports such as football of swimming, or less vigorous activities such as walking or jogging.

Obesity can be prevented. A healthier future for a child is a happier future.

Here at Tring Martial arts we aim to prevent these problems before they arise. So for a happier future, visit our website 


Martial Arts: Help Stop Bullying for Good!!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

posted by James Laver, Work Experience 2012

As teenagers progress through secondary school, their social groups expand, which often means getting involved with new people. In some cases, under the right influence, this can be beneficial, but for others, peer pressure and bullying may play a major role in a teenager’s life and can lead to depression, self-conscience and anger issues.

According to (a website which supports young adults and children) it is said that 1 in 4 bullies will hold a criminal record by the time they are 30. This is a huge amount, and rapidly increasing. This may be due to anger, domestic problems, or family issues such as a parents divorce. They may feel lonely, isolated and this can lead them to take their anger out on others. They target people who are different or weaker then themselves.

But both bullies and victims can relieve their anger, self-conciseness and depression through activities such as martial arts. It helps bullies relieve stress, and therefore means they do not feel the need to lash out at others. They have a target, a purpose and something to look forward to every week. They can work their way up the ladder, and strive to be the best. Similarly, victims of bullying feel a boost of confidence, and don’t feel the need to be scared of going to school. They can stand up to their bullies and no longer feel threatened in everyday life. Martial arts is not just kicking and punching, but a way of relaxing, unwinding, and tackling bullying for good.

Let Tring Martial Arts Academy help you or your family member to understand how, why and when to defend themselves.


Why do some people bully?

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Why do some people bully?

There are lots of different reasons as to why people become bullies. Possibilities include…

  • having family problems
  • being bullied themselves
  • being selfish or spoilt and always want to get their own way
  • having no friends and feel lonely
  • feeling bad about themselves and want to make other feel bad too
  • taking out their own frustration on others
  • feeling insecure and unimportant – bullying gives them power
  • bullied into joining a bully gang and have gone along with things just to keep on the bully’s good side
  • not understanding how bad victims feel

Bullies use ‘differences’ e.g. ‘wearing glasses’, ‘too good at exams’ and ‘too creative’ as an excuse for their bad behaviour. It’s not the ‘difference’ in the victim that’s the problem – it’s the bullies who have the problem because they are:

  • Afraid
  • Jealous
  • Envious
  • Cruel
  • Angry
  • Insecure
  • Unhappy

Remember differences make people interesting and unique.


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