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The Benefits of Martial Arts for Children.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

With a bloodcurdling cry, your 6-year-old leaps into the air with a jumping front kick, raising your hair and blood pressure simultaneously. Before you panic and climb the walls, why not try channeling that energy into a martial arts class at Tring Martial Arts Academy.

Activities like Kickboxing, and Krav Maga are a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus. Some parents may think they also promote violence, but that’s a myth, according to experts. Martial arts actually help teach self-discipline and socialization skills. In fact, many parents whose children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) report great success with these programs because self-control and concentration are exactly the skills underdeveloped in ADHD kids

A typical forty five minute long class begins and ends with a bow to the sensei.  After a warm-up, students practice the art’s particular skills, which may include kicks, punches, and blocks. Each requires concentration and strict attention.

Their progress is marked by a belt system, which takes the beginner from a white belt through a variety of colours until black. Testing for each new level, generally every three months, is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals.

But, say experts, it’s the respect kids learn, whether from bowing or standing still and waiting for the next command, that can be the most important benefit: It often carries over into school, helping to improve behavior and even grades, according to recent research.

Written by Christopher Allen, Chief Instructor at TringMartialArtsAcademy.


Obesity in children

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

posted by James Laver, Work Experience 2012.

Many children nowadays are self-conscious of how they look. With the media constantly hypnotising us into looking great, many children often feel that they are ugly, to fat, or to thin. This has a major effect on a child’s life, and can lead to mild depression, paranoia and eating disorders. Two of the most common are anorexia and bulimia, diseases which cause people to loose huge amount of weight. These are considered to be highly dangerous diseases, and in some cases life threatening. Why is it then that obesity is often overlooked, and not believed to be dangerous or have great effect on a child’s life?

Here are some facts and figures from a website called WitWeightLoss, which aims to make people more aware of the problem:

1.     Obesity is the number one health problem in the world, yet is constantly being overlooked.

2.     Obesity can lead to high cholesterol, heart attacks and low insulin production.

3.     30% of children ages 2-12 in 2010 were overweight or obese.

The above figures show how big an issue obesity is becoming. The main ways of preventing this problem are:

         Regular exercise, at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise per day.

         Reducing the amount of sugars eaten.

         Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in the child’s diet.

         It is said that a child or teenager aged 5-18 should do approximately 60 minutes of exercise per day, this can be spread out throughout the day, and includes vigorous sports such as football of swimming, or less vigorous activities such as walking or jogging.

Obesity can be prevented. A healthier future for a child is a happier future.

Here at Tring Martial arts we aim to prevent these problems before they arise. So for a happier future, visit our website