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Self Defence is not a hobby…

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                   Self Defence is not a hobby, it is a life skill.

I was prompted to write this blog today as a result of recent chats with a couple of parents who have just withdrawn their children from our martial arts classes so they can concentrate on other “hobbies”.  I’m very open to children getting a wide variety of experiences in different past times and sports but I think as parents we should also be looking to equip our kids with a very important life skill – Self Defence.

But what constitutes self defence, well most peoples immediate thought would be physical confrontations, using physical skills to defend yourself, but I believe that 90% of self defence is actually in the mind, attitude and how you conduct yourself.  Self Confidence is the biggest skill to defending yourself, knowing that you can defend yourself physically manifests within the martial artist as self confidence but the discipline and respect tied into formal training is what stops that person crossing the line and using their skills in anger.

I get very dissappointed when I hear Martial Arts and Self Defence being lumped into the bracket of hobbies along with Street Dance, Choir Practice, Golf, Rugby, Cricket etc.  Now I love all of these things, perhaps not Choir as I’m not religious and not street dance as I look like a Lizard standing up right receiving electric shocks when I dance.  But each of these “hobbies” have their place and are great for our kids, the level of choice kids have nowadays is amazing, certainly more than when I was growing up.

But I want to urge all parents, let them have their hobbies but insist they learn the life skill of self defence.  If I were in charge of the national curriculm, I would make it part of school life.  If your kids don’t want to go to school, do you let them stay at home or make them go??  You make them go.  But why?  Because school is important for their future, for their lives!

Self defence cannot be a hobby that can be picked up and dropped, it should be a life skill, it should be the one or two days per week that we as parents say no, your’re going to class, the other three days are for your hobbies.

Tring Martial Arts Academy – Keeping our kids safe!

Written by Christopher Allen, Chief Instructor

The Three P’s of Bullying Proofing your Child

Friday, February 17th, 2012


1)     Prevent

Using awareness to avoid bullies on the playground, in the hallways, in the lunchroom and anywhere you go.


2)     Prepare

 ASSERT YOURSELF – Teach your child to face the bully by standing 10 feet tall and bullet proof, using a strong voice. Your child should name the bullying behaviour and tell the aggressor to stop.

QUESTION THE RESPONSE – Ann Bishop, who teaches violence prevention classes in the USA, tells her students to respond to an insult with a non-defensive question, “why would you say that?” or “why would you want to say that and hurt my feelings?”

– USE ‘I WANT’ – Communication experts suggest teaching your child to address the bully beginning with ‘I want’ and say firmly what he wants changed: “I want you to leave me alone” or “I want you to stop teasing me”.

AGREE WITH THE TEASER – Consider helping your child create a statement agreeing with their teaser. Teaser – “You’re dumb.” Child – “but I’m good at it”

IGNORE IT – Bullies love it when their teasing upsets their victims, so help your child find a way to not let his tormentor get to him. Try pretending they’re invisible or walk past them without even looking at them

MAKE FUN OF THE TEASING – Fred Frankle, author of ‘Good Friends are Hard to Find’, suggests victims should answer every tease with a reply, but not tease back. The teasing often stops, Frankle says, because the child lets the tormentor know that hes not going to let the teasing get to him

3)     Protect (The last resort)


Practise with your child – Guard Stance – “I don’t want to fight you, but I will have to, PLEASE leave me alone!” This is a very visible stance that communicates to the bully this is unacceptable and alerts staff or people around that something is wrong.

Help your child learn to deal with bullying by increasing their confidence and equipping them with valuable self defence and life skills.  Call 01442 768057 or see our website